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Your Dental Clinic for Implant and Prosthodontic Dentistry in Pembroke

If one or more of your teeth are missing, then you can choose to replace them in many ways. Prosthodontic dentistry deals with the design, manufacture, and fitting of artificial teeth. Prosthodontics is an area of dentistry that involves diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of your oral functions using suitable biocompatible substances. Whether you are looking for implants, crowns or bridges and dentures, we can accommodate them all. Our prosthodontic and implant dentistry services include:

Bridges and Dentures

A dental bridge is a restoration, which takes the place of your missing teeth or tooth. It extends across an area that has no teeth and is held firmly in place by your natural teeth on each side of the missing ones. A bridge has replacement teeth that are attached to crowns, which are placed on either side of the space to be filled. The replacement teeth, along with the crowns, form a complete unit that is fixed to the place. This offers close-to-natural function and appearance. A bridge, once fixed in place, cannot be removed.

If your remaining teeth are not suitable to support a bridge, then a partial denture can be used. Partial dentures are made up of one or more artificial teeth that are supported with the help of a metal and acrylic framework. They are held in place by clasps, which are fitted around your natural teeth. The partial denture is removable and can be taken out for cleaning. You may also remove them at night while sleeping.



When all of your natural teeth are missing, a complete denture or "false teeth" are used. Although it is removable, complete dentures are held in place by suction or by using implants.

 Conventional dentures are fabricated and placed after your teeth have been extracted, and your gums and jaw tissues have healed.
 Immediate dentures are made prior to your teeth extraction. We do measurements when your natural teeth are still present and get the dentures ready at the time of your teeth extraction. So, you do not have to live without teeth during the healing period. However, during the healing period, your bones and gums shrink. So, your immediate dentures need to be relined for a proper fit.

An overdenture is a removable complete denture that fits over your implants or remaining teeth (which have been reshaped). It has better retention compared to complete denture, so it offers better function.


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We serve patients in communities throughout Renfrew and West Pontiac counties, including:

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